Soundsmith Harmonica
Soundsmith Harmonica

Soundsmith Harmonica

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The intricate design of one of our favorite mountain ranges here in Central Oregon will inspire some soulful tunes. Great tone and easy to bend notes as well as a versatile harp for various styles of music.

10-hole harmonica in the key of C

Dimensions: 10.4x2.8x2

  • Cover plates:
    • Student: Stainless steel
    • Professional: chrome-plated
  • Comb:
    • Student: ABS
    • Professional: 1.2mm nickel-plated copper
  • Reeds:
    • Student: Phosphor bronze
    • Professional: Phosphor bronze
  • Soundboard:
    • Student: 0.8mm thick copper
    • Professional: 1.2mm nickel-plated copper